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If you are new to Conscious Me or you have stumbled upon this site, there are a few things that have changed. I’ve revamped the site and moved it to a new location, you can now find me here at Being KT where I’ll have the same great content, more freebies and now that I’m a fully certified health coach I’ll be running workshops, courses and some one-on-one coaching. I’ll see you there x


I love to share the nuggets that I have stumbled upon whilst getting my hot mess self into order. I have obsessively consumed everything that I could on goals, habits, challenges, obstacles and most importantly success. To be very clear, I am not interested in success as a whole. I wanted to really dig deep to work out what my success was. What did I want to set out to achieve (and not what others considered successful!) and then how do I go about achieving it? Like many things in life. It is important to know that nothing is a quick fix. It is about a mind shift and making conscious decisions. Which lets be honest, you are already on your way if you are reading this! Here are 5 things that I have learnt to reset myself… 1. START THE DAY LIKE YOU MEAN IT How you wake up in the morning determines how the rest of your day will go. Think about the mornings where you sleep through the alarm, your race out of …


“What’s the one thing you dream of achieving? You know, what’s on your list?”  – Sebastian Terry Most of us know what a bucket list is. Most even have their own. It may not be written down. It may just be one of those things that we keep in the back of our mind. We all have at least one thing that we want to do before we die. You know what I mean, that “Oh, that is totally on my bucket list – I really want to do that one day”. With that in mind though, how many of us have goals and dreams that we desperately want that we ever achieve? Enter Sebastian Terry. When Sebastian was 27, the death of a close friend and moment of clarity saw him forge an incredible journey that saw him putting pen to paper and creating a list of 100 Things. His goal was the tick off everything on that list. This then kickstarted an adventure where he traveled to the end of the world. He …