“I find the harder I work. The more luck I seem to have”


Do you spend more time worrying about what you think you should be doing than actually finishing what you need to do?

Do you find that you never end up being able to do the things you really want to do? The idea of a perfect life or even one that you like is completely elusive?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, perhaps it is time to whip that hair into a top knot and take a long hard look at where you are.
This is not a blog where I am going to ask you to let me help you to help yourself. No-sir-ee. This is a collection of resources that I have used on my own life. To enlighten (read that one as big, smack-in-the-face wake up call!), simplify and tidy up the out of control, hot mess that my life had become. What I did to tidy my mental clutter and the actual BS that I had slowly accumulated around me.
Think career, finances, health, relationships and the many, many stop-start-ignore projects that were backing up around me. I kid you not, it was an impressive mess.
So, if you are going through exactly the same thing. You feel completely lost and have no idea where to start, then welcome. I will happily share with you my own self-discovery without judgement.

Think of me as your flawed but straight-talking, question-asking, in-your-corner friend that will show you that you don’t have to go through massive pain, failure and misery to live an incredible life. There is no shame in making mistakes but there is a problem with sticking your head in the sand and hoping that it will all go away. It won’t just disappear.

It’s important to realise that this isn’t going to be a quick fix. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. I can promise you that if you are serious about making some changes to the way that you think, behave and act and make a shift to joy and love, then you can absolutely start living your happiest and most authentic life possible!

It’s no longer wrong to want to be your most amazing self or to invest in the most important thing possible – YOU and YOUR life! So quit sitting in the passenger seat and take control for yourself!


Quite simply, I was you.

My journey so far started when I woke up one day to find that I was just going through the motions. The life that I had created for myself was one that not only was I wasn’t that fussed with, I realised I wasn’t even in control of the direction that it was going in! I realised that I had stumbled my way through life choices, never really thinking to much about the future and drifting. Nothing was horrific, don’t get me wrong but I suddenly realised that my values no longer matched what was around me. My decisions made no sense. I was full of blame, frustration and negativity. I believed my “victim story” completely and was so full of should’s, I don’t know’s and I don’t think that I was particularly pleasant to be around (that may be an understatement!). My soul was crushing at rapid speed and inside I was screaming and trying desperately to break free from insipid life I felt trapped by.

But after a life changing journey to South America I started on my very own life transformation and I now live from my heart. I re-discovered my values, what I was passionate about and what I really believed success was. I realised that much of my negativity came from a victim story that I had convinced myself to believe and I had to do a fair bit of ass-kicking to clear my mind and see my thought process for what it was.

One of the biggest realisations that I had was that I had the control of creating my life and the world I lived in. I was choosing to focus on fear for the majority of decisions I made and it coloured my outlook. I was one hot mess.

Conscious Me is all about learning how to tap back into your inner child so that you can look at the world with joy, love and abandon. It is realising that you have to want to take charge and through small steps you can gain the confidence to lead you to your dream life.

So join me in this self-discovery, self-analysis and self-care, so that you can change your path, find your purpose and start living the life that you should be living.


 about me. KT.

I am a digital creator, after working many years at one of New Zealand’s biggest digital platforms that allowed me to cultivate my inner disrupter, which was great and opened up my world. What wasn’t so cool was I had allowed my life to just happen around me. I became consumed by my job and felt that because at times it was so stressful that I deserved to spoil myself a little. What I didn’t have time to do was do basic admin to check in with where I was at. I had no real idea what my values were or even what I wanted my future to look like. I was firmly in the passenger seat.

This isn’t about quitting your job and climbing a mountain (although, that is fine if you want to!) it is about learning who you are, what you want and how you want to get there. Reflecting on how your thoughts dictate your actions and where that leads you. It is very easy to remove accountability and claim that it isn’t your fault that you aren’t living the life that you want. That you are simply doing what is expected of you and you have no real control over the situation. It’s just happening to you.
I spend a huge amount of time dedicated to calling ‘bull on that. My passion is learning ways to become whole, in control and living a life that I have CREATED and I love. If I stop loving it, I know that I can start again. I am not perfect, I am flawed and I get things wrong. I am human and that is something that I have come to love the most about myself.
I call NZ my home. I live in a gorgeous “tree-house” that looks out at the ocean. I have an obsession with old books, chandeliers, red wine, candles and coffee. High vibe, high energy, surrounded-by-nature, conscious living is what my new journey is focused on and what I am about.
I can’t wait to meet you so let me know your story and your journey. We’ve got this!
xx KT


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