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If you are new to Conscious Me or you have stumbled upon this site, there are a few things that have changed. I’ve revamped the site and moved it to a new location, you can now find me here at Being KT where I’ll have the same great content, more freebies and now that I’m a fully certified health coach I’ll be running workshops, courses and some one-on-one coaching. I’ll see you there x


Work gets a bad wrap and we often think about it the wrong way. You know what I mean – answer this honestly, how many times did you make a comment about how long it was until the end of the day. This is pretty crazy considering the amount of time that we spend in our day job. We have a couple of options, if you hate your job that much perhaps it’s time to start the hunt for a new one. If it isn’t that bad, it’s time to quit that negative thinking, seriously it is really not fun to be around (sorry, truth hurts!). But. Not all is lost. You can turn it around and thrive in your 9-5 (see what I did there?). Here are 5 ways that you can make sure that you thrive not just survive at work. 1) It’s time to take a VA-CAAAAY!  It is so important that you take a REAL break from work. This is something that we often get wrong and more often feel guilty …


IT’S THE MINI MELTDOWN BEFORE THE GREAT BIG MELTDOWN! So, you know there is a problem but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You know that you are not ‘burnt-out’. That is pretty bad and usually fairly spectacular. You come to work, you do pretty good too – but not great. You generally feel tired and lethargic. Overwhelmingly, you feel unhappy… Does this sound familiar? You are not alone in this. In fact, this reaction to work has started to become so common that it has been given a name – BROWNOUT.  Brownout, is a term which is used to describe part of the life stage of an electrical power outage and is the stage before a black out. Put into simple terms, if you consider burnout like the flu, then brownout is like the common cold – they both have similar symptoms but brownout is the less vicious. You still go to work, but your heart just isn’t in it. You still talk to friends and family but you start to retreat …