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Do you ever find that when one or two things are going really well in your life then there is always something that isn’t? You’re in a relationship that makes your heart sing but your job… let’s not go there. Perhaps your your career is starting to fly, you can already see the bright lights, but all your nearest and dearest are starting to drag you down…

Friend, this is no coincidence and it often happens because we are focusing all of our energy on one or two areas of our lives and give very little thought to the areas that we are neglecting.

All is not lost though. If you spend a little time on working out what is lacking in your life, you can start to reallocate your time to the things that really matter to you. Today, I am going to introduce you to the “Business Analysis” you can perform on yourself! This can be a really powerful tool you can use to take charge of your life and get you back in that drivers seat.

The focus areas

In my opinion, if you want to live a life that you actually love, then first you need to find balance and your reason for being. Performing a life analysis will help you get that balance back and refocus your energy. We all all complex creatures that are made up of different components, as below.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Career & Finances
  • Relationships
  • Creativity & Inspiration
  • Education

What Is Thriving?

Looking at the list above, what jumps out straight away as a thriving area of your life? Are there area’s that you wouldn’t change even if you could? Rating each of these areas will help you to work out where you are lacking.

What Are Your Opportunities?

Where can you focus your energy better? What is lacking in your life right now? If time wasn’t an issue, what would be possible? Again, rate each area, then you can see clearly where you need to fill up those tanks!

What Are Your Threats?

Ok, this is important – working out where your energy needs to go is really important as you also need to thing about where your time is going right now and where it should be going. What are your non-negotiables? If you know that exercise helps give you a clear mind but you feel you have no time for it, then something is going wrong. Their are 24 hours in each day, if you cannot allocate at least 30 minutes to the things you know you need to thrive then you are not putting yourself first.

Remember, you need to fit your own oxygen mask so that you can help others. This works in our every day lives too. If you don’t prioritise yourself and your needs, you won’t ever live your dream life.

Now What?

Performing your analysis is futile unless you follow through on your findings. As well as acting on the the areas that are currently lacking, your objective should be making this sustainable. So make sure that you keep checking in with yourself.

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